What kind of situated learning happens in Benjamin Alirez Saenz’s novel The Inexplicable Logic of my Life? Using concepts and terminology we discussed through readings in class this term, answer this question in a final essay of no more than 3 typed, double-spaced pages pasted into the body of a journal text-box on eclass considering the following questions: how identity played a role in learning, if there was a community of practice, ideas of phenomenology and “situatedness”, being “thrown into” a situation not of people’s own choosing, mastery and/or negative capability. (Choose which of these fit your thinking, you don’t have to write about every single one of the ideas in relation to the novel.) Guiding Questions To Consider: What curriculum did life present Sally and his friends and what freedoms were possible in their learning? What choice(s) were they able to make? What did the characters learn? What kind of learning was it on Margot Waddell’s equation of psychoanalytic learning? What was their curriculum? Who was (were?) the teacher(s)? Please have a clear thesis, a logical and well-defined argument and references to course readings, podcasts and forum post topics. What did Sally and Sam and Fito learn in the novel? Show me your thinking! Looking forward to reading your work.