REQUIRED READING:Chapter 3: “Assessing Literacy Development” Tompkins (2017) Literacy for the 21st Century, Seventh Edition, 70-101.Chapter 4: “The Youngest Readers and Writers” Tompkins (2017) Literacy for the 21st Century, Seventh Edition, 106-140.What is the Difference Between Social and Academic English? ( completing the required assigned readings, write a 2-page formal paper on how specific points in the Week 2 readings on the topic of phonological awareness connect from the text to your instructional experience in regards to the following:How have you seen oral language, writing, and content background impact reading development in your students? What do you see as challenges relating to social and academic language in the students you teach? (Spanish and Haitian Creole) Does this research support the challenges you see in your instruction? Does it explain what you are seeing/not seeing in your instruction, and/or how your instructional strategy may need to be altered to meet the needs of your students?