a. What is the background information that forms the basis of the research? b. What was the researcher’s hypothesis? (What were they investigating?) c. What methods did they use in their investigation? (How did they do it?) d. What results did they find? 2. Describe the strengths of the methods used. What are some examples of steps the researchers took to make this good research? (i.e. control groups, unbiased, etc.) 3. Describe the weaknesses/limitations of the study. What were any problems with the methods used that could be improved on? (Do not refer to layout/writing of the actual article) 4. What are your ideas for future research? This should be beyond just improvements on the study you analyzed. What questions/issues remain on this topic? What do you think should be further studied? If you were to do a future study in this area, what would you investigate? How would you do it? 5. Describe how the article relates to at least one concept discussed in class or in the textbook. If we have not reached the topic yet in class, make sure to look ahead in your book, or check the index.