While the field of psychology is about how we behave, think and feel, and so might seem like common sense, it is in fact a science. Sharing information about scientific ideas is done mainly through peer reviewed scholarly articles published in academic journals. The purpose of these reading assignments is to familiarize you with scientific writing – being able to read and understand what a scholarly article is. There are different kinds of articles – empirical or literature review – and then different parts of each kind. In this third assignment, you will What is the article about in general? (Look at the title, abstract and, of course, the entire paper)Is this article an empirical study or a literature review?For empirical studiesWhat is the hypothesis?What is the research design? Is it an experimental, quasi experimental, or correlational design?If it is a developmental question, is it longitudinal, cross sectional or sequential design?What were the methods used? How was the study performed? With whom?What are the findings of the study?What are the limitations?For literature reviewWhat did you know about this topic from the text/lecture/course information to begin with?What is the main purpose of the review?What did they find?For all articlesHow does all of this fit with your knowledge of the course? Does it enhance what you know? Does it conflict? Is it tangential (meaning not really/only marginally related)?