What, in your opinion, is the single best strategy for crossing borders/negotiating difference? Make sure your thesis responds to the question.Use specific detailed examples from at least two of the course readings in addressing this question.Use one of the strategies for crossing borders listed below for your thesis:Through communication and dialogue groups can develop some empathy for each other and thus achieve a connection or affinity (King, Lowenstein). When cultures and communities encounter each other they are often forced to accommodate each other in order to survive (Pratt, White, Wong Sam, Jackson)People immerse themselves in another culture in order to gain understanding. Urrea, Mary Ann, and Quannah Parker immerse themselves in other cultures or environments in order to achieve greater understanding (Spiegelman can also be used because by writing Maus, he immerses himself in his father’s story of surviving the Holocaust.)Communities use protest in order to force the different sides to negotiate (King)Cultures find ways of accommodating each other through a process of mutual reinterpretation (White, Pratt, Jackson).People create a new hybrid culture by using the frameworks and narrative structures of the dominant culture to convey their identity, and how they view the world (Pratt, Wong Sam, Jackson, Anzaldua).RubricEssay Rubric (3)Essay Rubric (3)CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAnalysis – a clear thesis that responds to the essay prompt and is reflected clearly and consistently throughout the paper.