FILM PAPER DESCRIPTION1.What features stand out strongly to you in the film you watched from the required list below —2, and how do these qualities reflect an expression of the cinematic qualities in our notes? Give two quotes from the Film as Art notes.You can discuss music, visuals in setting or camera work, acting, or the story itself. Note: referring to the Film Notes here will give you good practice for the Film Project – use Quotes! You may consult film reviews if you wish – be sure to give citations if you do.Required list – choose one -(Viewing of ONE of these films: (rent or use library loan) – More titles to come!”Love, Actually” ; “The Joy Luck Club”; “Stranger than Fiction”; A Beautiful Mind”; “Sliding Doors”; “Away from Her”; “Stardust”; “Life is Beautiful”; “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”; “Crash” – (2005 film w/Bullock, Cheadle NOT 1997 one; “There Will Be Blood”; “The Book Thief”; “Manchester by the Sea” ; “Gravity” ;”The Judge”; “Twelve Chairs”; The Green Book; Do the Right Thing; BlackKlansman; The Handmaid’s Tale or check with me about other titles.