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Case Study: Special Topics
Maricela Almonte, Quratulain Mushtaq, Hector Reyes, Gianna Raimi, Khatuna Tskhadiashvili
Long Island University: Brooklyn Campus
340 Pharmacology
Nov. 2020.
A nursing student is preparing information for clinical in a men’s health clinic. The faculty member has advised the nursing student to be familiar with common drugs that affect the male reproductive system, including testosterone (Duratest, Testoderm), oxandrolone (Oxandrin), and sildenafil (Revatio).

What are the therapeutic actions for testosterone (Duratest, Testoderm)?
What are the indications for oxandrolone (Oxandrin)?
What are the most common adverse effects for sildenafil (Revatio)?
What are the nursing implementation considerations for patients receiving drugs used to treat penile erectile dysfunction?