20Short Question and Answer (The word limit has been given with the questions )=
The word limit DOES NOT include the Reference List)

Due date: Friday 11 December 2020

Answer the following question:-

1. Scholars have provided many reasons for the rise of terrorism in South As=
ia. Which of these reasons appear to you to be the most convincing and why?

2. Afghanistan has witnessed incessant conflict since the 1980s, which is on=
going even today. To what extent is Pakistan responsible for Afghanistan s p=

3. Radical ideologies (whether based on religion, ethnicity, or class), whic=
h often gives rise to violent socio-political movements and insurgencies, se=
em to have become deeply entrenched in South Asia. Provide five reasons why t=
his has been the case.

4. The Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka ran a brutal insurgency for almost 30 years=
but were then militarily defeated and destroyed. By contrast, the Afghan Ta=
liban has run an armed insurgency in Afghanistan for almost 20 years and is o=
n the verge of a major military and political victory. Identify and explain t=
hree main reasons for this outcome difference between the Tamil Tigers and t=
he Afghan Taliban.

5.South Asia is sometimes called the most dangerous place on Earth. What fac=
tors have led to this claim?

6. Can India be considered to be a hegemon in South Asia? Why/why not?

7. The 1980s and 1990s in Nepal were a time for pro-democracy agitations aga=
inst the authoritarian rule of the Monarchy. Why then suddenly did the Maois=
t rebellion begin in Nepal in the mid-1990s? What did the Maoists want and w=

8. What are the key drivers of the Maoist insurrection in India? What factor=
s explain the Indian Maoists potency and longevity?

A) If it lacks a clear argument from the beginning than means referencing ne=
eds a lot of work, see link. You need to reference 2-4 times a paragraph.

B) Quality of the argument have you answered the question in a log=
ical and analytical way?

C) Quality of research have you looked at the right sources and ha=
ve you cited and referenced properly?

D) Quality of presentation Is your presentation sloppy or professi=
onal? Are there typographical errors and spelling and grammatical errors?