Read below:As Heather learns more about big data, she recognizes that nurses in every setting contribute to big data and can improve nursing care with patient, nurse, and financial outcomes. She recalls that her hospital uses an algorithm that monitors clinical documentation to detect patterns indicating early sepsis, which has decreased mortality 24%. She learns that her grandmother’s nursing home decreased pressure-ulcer incidence by adopting evidence-based protocols developed by using big data. The ticket for the journey to quality, Heather realizes, is big data (Garcia, 2015). Review the scenario above and the article by Garcia (attached in files)- Your paper should include the following information:- Examples of big data that is being collected where you work. (If your institution is not collecting big data choose another institution from your readings, internet search, etc.)- What big data is being collected?- Why is it being collected? – What are the advantages of collecting this data?- What data would you like to collect and how would it improve patient care?- Be specific and provide details and examples.