OSHA requires that employers maintain a record of work-related illness, accidents and deaths on OSHA form 300 throughout the year (January 1 through December 31).

You are tasked to complete the OSHA form 300 for your employer, LLK Corp., a manufacturing company of dog food located on 123 Bow Wow Circle, Prattville, Fl.

Use the following data to complete OSHA form 300.

On June 12, while walking across an uneven surface in the warehouse, James Smith, a janitor, injured his left ankle resulting in being 3 days away from work.
On September 24, Mark Jones, Quality Control Specialist, was splashed by solvents spilled from a 10 gallon container near packaging equipment on the production floor. He suffered first degree burns to his left arm. The doctor would not allow him to return to work for 23 days.
In the same accident as Mark Jones, Charles Tindale, Equipment Operator, inhaled some of the solvents. Following an evaluation by the doctor, he was required to be assigned to a different job than his normal one for 12 work days.
OSHA requires that between February 1 and April 30 of each year, every employer post OSHA form 300A, a summary of the previous year’s safety record. This form must be posted in a location easily available to employees to refer to (many employers select to post the form on employee notice boards in breakrooms or similar locations).

In addition, OSHA also requires that employers complete an Incident Report, OSHA form 301, that provides a detailed record of each employee injury.

Using the information above, you are to complete OSHA forms 300, 300A, and 301. When completing form 301 (Incident Report) you need only complete the form (301) for an injury sustained by one of the employees: James, Mark, or Charles. You should include fictitious but realistic information when completing form 301.

Assume that LLK Corp had an average of 85 employees for the reporting year. Employees worked a total of 176,800 that year.