1. Ashley, D. and D. M. Orenstein. (2005). Sociological Theory: Classical Statements. SixthEdition. Allyn and Bacon (Pearson) I was informed you have the 4th edition. That should be fine as the Table of Contents are basically the same. Discussion 1The development of sociology as an academic discipline was shaped within the context of multiple revolutionary intellectual, political, and socio-economic changes within Europe and the United States during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Classical social theorists were also responding to social problems and issues emerging with the the development of modernity. Using your first readings from Ashley & Orenstein (pp. 1-28, 45-75), (1) name and briefly describe two revolutionary changes that influenced the development of sociology as a discipline, and (2) two social problems arising from modernity that were of concern to classical social theorists. Part of your answer must refer to the social theory of Auguste Comte. Document your answers with specific references and citations to A & O.