All late exams will be subjected to a 10% reduction in points per 24-hourperiod starting on the due date and time.DIRECTIONSThis is an open note and open book exam but you are limited to course material when answering questions. This is an individual test so do not collaborate with anyone. I will use Turnitin to check for outside material, plagiarism and similarity between answers across students; academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.Note: Asking others questions about the test or answering them are both considered cheating and will result in a grade of zero. The exam is designed to be completed in about two to three hours (assuming you are prepared ahead of time). The points reflect the weighting, so allocate your time accordingly. Be specific in your answers demonstrating an understanding of the material and how it interrelates. Vague answers not supported with course material will lead to poor grades.Your answers must be typed and double spaced.EXAMQuestion 1 (60 points) Using the socialization model presented in Module 9, explain what actions the top management team would need to take to promote a change in their culture. Be sure to give specific examples. Also, explain what resisting forces they are likely to encounter and how these could be overcome. (Hint: A good answer will insightfully explain how Modules 9, 10, & 11 are interrelated and impact change.) Question 2 (40 points) You are an employee who has a position where you regularly interact with the public. Your company expects you to smile and be pleasant; however, there are times when you are expected to be stern when dealing with problem clients. Why is it probable that you will experience distress in your job? What are some of the likely physiological, emotional and behavioral aspects of stress you’ll likely exhibit, which coping mechanism would you use and why, and how will the strategy reduce your stress outcomes? (Hint: A good answer will insightfully explain the connections between emotions, stress and the consequences).Book- Organizations: Behavior, Structure, Processing, Gibson, Ivancevich, Donnelly & Konopaske, 14th Edition (ISBN 978-0-07-811266-9)