First, think about the primary reading of your chosen week. Choose one major myths or episodes in Classical mythology (i.e. a major Homeric hymn or set of hymns, a substantial account or summary such as Hesiod or Apollodorus, or major episodes in one of the Homeric epics). . Second, summarize briefly your understanding of the advanced article (if you are unsure, re-watch the Video lecture) . Third, using the key terms of the week, show how the figures and events described in the myth integrate with the argument of the advanced reading. Think about how you believe the episodes demonstrate or contain important insight or wisdom for an ancient and/or modern audience. key terms Phrixos, Helle and the Golden Fleece Oedipus and Psychoanalysis The Argo Polyneices and Eteocles The Seven against Thebes Levi-Strauss and Structuralism Castor and Pollux Phineus and the Harpies Jason and Medea Antigone Choodfpse any 2 or 3