After you watch, listen to, or read Tales from the Public Domain: Bound by Law? ,the Blakley TED talk, and one of the versions of Lessig, consider carefully the ideas raised in these materials. Are our current laws which apply to intellectual property appropriate and necessary? Should they be scaled back or done away with? To what degree do alternatives to copyright like Creative Commons solve any problems you perceive with IP laws?

Also, follow these step-by-step instructions for including a Creative Commons-licensed image in your post:

Search for a Creative Commons image to illustrate your blog post using the Creative Commons website’s search page.
Go to the image’s source page to find the correct CC license and attribution information (this includes name of creator, title of image, type of CC license, and correct URL to use for your link to the image).
(Note: If you need help with steps 1 or 2, a detailed guide to finding, using, and attributing a CC-licensed image can be found in the Optional Readings/Materials for this week.)
Embed the image in your blog post and include a photo credit for the image and a link to the original photo using the model in “How to Give Attribution” on the Creative Commons website and the information you found in step #2.