Once you know where you are going with your topic and have gathered the pertinent sources for your research you can begin your proposal. Start by outlining your intentions for the paper (see Supporting Materials), then write a brief overview of what you hope to accomplish in the paper, i.e. how you will defend the theory you chose, and finish with an annotated citation page.This proposal should be 300 – 400 words, in MLA or APA format. Additionally, it should include an annotated bibliography of five resources. An annotated bibliography is a regular bibliography but with a couple of additional sentences after each entry that you write that describes how the resource will assist you in writing on your topic. It is expected that your topic and your resources will develop as you do your research and writing, and you may feel free to make adjustments as you go. You should also incorporate as much of our assigned reading/course materials as possible.In addition to our course materials, a good place to get started is at the Philosophy Research Guide in the APUS Library (see link below). For your annotated bibliography, at least three of your references should be from the APUS Library, including two which are academically, peer-reviewed journal articles. In your annotation, make sure that you describe where you found them in the APUS Library.