Introduction paragraph to the epilogue dialogue:- For the first part you can start off with a paragraph explaining how many years later it′s been since the Salem Witch Trials. Let′s say 10 years later. – Then you can say what Abigail has been up to. Where is she working? Where does she live? Is she married? Does she have children?- What happened to her that made her want to confess? Is she still in love with John Proctor? Did she go back to Salem and visit his grave and have an epiphany (realization)? Now, you can get into the dialogue. For the dialogue, maybe she is talking to a pastor about her sins? Or perhaps, she found a good man to marry and she confesses to him about her past? Or, maybe she runs into Elizabeth Proctor somewhere and they talk? This is where you get creative. The layout would be like a play (dialogue).