BHS 301: Legislation, Policy and PracticeRationale: A significant focus of BHS 301 is to familiarize students with the Social Service System in Ontario, Canada . This individual Case Study assignment introduces students to social services supports and programs available in Ontario, Canada. For this assignment, choose 1 of the client descriptions below. Take on the role of a Case Manager and develop a detailed plan of care. This care plan should include a summary of needs and a description of community services and educational supports you deem necessary. Your care plan can discuss programs/supports for client’s family members (parents, grandparents, siblings). Additionally, your care plan should include and explanation of short and long-term transitions. Your Care Plan will include the following components:•Description of individual and diagnosis/prognosis, adding in personal and creative details to give individuality to your case. •Community Services: •Educational Supports:•Recreation & Leisure: •Short Term Transitions (6 months – 1 year):•Long Term Transitions (child to teen, teen to adult etc. if required in case): Important Information: •Try to put yourself in the shoes of the client profile you choose. Think about the family perspective and client perspective. What are their strengths? What could you add to increase their quality of life?•