Refer back to the reading for this topic and multimedia 1.1 for a review of the concepts “ideal types and “modernity”. Synthesize your perspectives about what is important in an organization and what makes effective practices, managerial leadership and creates success in an organization. Read the statements below to expand your thoughts:According to Max Weber, bureaucracies are the ideal organizational form. This contrasts with more modern approaches to organizational design that claim that different forms of organizational structure may be more or less appropriate for different situations (Greenberg/Baron, 2003)Weber’s universal view of bureaucratic structure contrasts with the more modern approaches to organization design, which claim that different forms of organizational structure may be more appropriate to different situations. Also, because bureaucracies draw sharp lines between the people who make decisions (managers) and those who carry them out (workers), they are not popular today. After all, contemporary employees prefer to have more equal opportunities to make decisions (Greenberg/Baron, 2008)DeliverablesA 400-word paper that includes at least one APA-formatted reference to material from this lesson. Activity DetailsPerform the following steps:Step 1: Review the reading and the multimedia presentation: The Relevant Past: Why the History of Management Should be Critical for Our Future from Cummings, S., & Bridgeman, T. (March 2011), Academy of Management Learning & Education 24(4), (pp-77-93).Step 2: Write a paper.Expand your search for the key ideas presented and develop your perspective related to the two statements above.