You open the bottom-right desk drawer and pull out your personal log book. Continuing your duties on the ship, you prepare another record of your tasks. The Captain got in his gig and went to shore, determined to get a parrot. The shipped anchored a couple miles offshore in about 50 feet of water. There are a couple fishing poles and nets in a foot locker and some traps stacked three-high next to it. Sounds like a recipe for seafood, seaweed salad, or sushi. At one point in your life, you have probably eaten something that came directly from the ocean: fish (tuna, salmon, tilapia, etc.), crustaceans (crap, lobster, shrimp, etc.), mollusks (mussels, oysters, squid, etc.), roe (caviar), echinoderms (sea cucumbers), and plants (sea grapes, nori, sea lettuce, kelp, etc.). Regardless of your beliefs and diet, there is something for everyone. Tasks Fish can be certified? Check out the Marine Stewardship Council. ( ) Describe the website. What’s the purpose of the website? Does this change the way you look at your seafood? Your description should be at least 4 complete sentences. I’m so hungry I could eat my own cooking Choose one of the specific types of seafood (ex. grouper, lobster, oysters, green kelp, etc.) that interests you. Make this food the Subject of your post. Identitfy the common name (ex. stone crab) and its scientific name (Genus species). Where is it primarily harvested? Example, Pacific Salmon may be harvested in the Gulf of Alaska. Identify a restaurant in the Florida that sells this food and write the approximate cost range to buy it. Can your seafood be harvested locally or is it imported? Don’t forget to cite all your sources of information.