Surveys evaluation/analysis via SPSS.
This is related to Survey to assess the level of impact of the likely Critical Success Factors (CSF) for Implementing Quality Management System.
The Survey consists of 9 Factors (Critical Successful Factors- CSF) where relevant survey questions have been established under each CSF in addition to other supporting/additional queries which cover linkage between the CSS.
Survey results have been already tabulated and made ready.
However, SPSS specialist will need to review/validate Survey Results and:
– Enter Data/Variables in the SPS.
– Extract key results/outcomes including:
– Level of Normality (Normal Distribution).
– T value and Significance
– All information/analysis outcomes that will support/guide Decision Maker.
please find attached the said survey key information:
– As mentioned earlier, the survey is to asses the role of the likely CSF in implementing QMS.
– Survey result part 1, 2 & 3 along with responses (based on Likert Scale 5).
– Survey result part 4 is based on Yes/No.
– Survey result part 5 is just averaging Critical Success Factors Results (as an estimate to the weight of each CSF in implementing QMS).