1. Deceptive Graph – individual
Collect an example from a newspaper or magazine (nothing from the internet will be accepted) in which a graph has been presented in a potentially deceptive manner. Identify the source from which the graph was taken, explain briefly (one page, typed, double-spaced, 12-point) the ways in which the graph might have been deceptively presented, and then redraw the graph so that it is less distorted or a better representation of the data. An original graph must be included with the project You will also be responsible for presenting the graph to the class for discussion. Remember that this is not simply a graph that contains questionable material. Rather, you are looking for a graph that improperly portrays the data. See unit 1 for an example.

2.5. Research Study Analysis – individual
Select a research article out of a peer-reviewed journal or textbook and write (one or two pages, typed, double-spaced, 12-point) an analysis of how the study was done. This is to be an analysis, not just a summary of the article. The following should be included in the analysis: abstract (this is what the study was about), methods the author(s) used for data collection and analysis with graphs, and conclusion.
Also, include a complete bibliography of the source article and attach a copy of the original article to your analysis. At the end of the analysis, please write a summary paragraph on the design of the experiment or study and the conclusions of the author(s). In this paragraph you are to comment on whether you thought the author(s) had a good experimental design and whether they seemed to make valid conclusions from their work. Any additional remarks should be put in this paragraph.