Social worker interviews client to obtain background information to assess services client needs.Social worker needs to ask client open & closed ended questions for case scenario below.Please make up question for the social worker and response of the client in interview format.

Case scenario: pregnant 18 yrs old female from Haiti, seeks asylum in US as undocumented immigrant.Shortly after release from detention center to the care of her mother,she gives birth.Comes to social worker to seek services for the child.
( can elaborate more on case scenario if you like)

The rubric for how the interview should be completed:

Warm greeting/introduction of worker
Seeking client introduction
Describing initial purpose/orienting client
Discussing policy and confidentiality
Seeking feedback/signed consent

Appropriate use of open and closed ended questions
Seeking clarification
Effectively reflects content (paraphrasing, summarizing)
Effectively reflects client’s feelings
Reflecting issues (client’s view of issues)
Reflects client’s thoughts about the problem and what is needed
Summarizing/Preparing for the next meeting