identify a topic and write a hypothesis statement which you intend to prove through survey researchYour hypothesis statement should begin with “I intend to prove…….The following separate and distinct headers MUST BE USED to discern each portion of the project. • Problem or Objective — Describes what will be studied. This is your main research topic to be studied, including a brief introduction to the topic and a hypothesis statement to be proved. “I intend to prove…….” (½ page)Literature Review — Summarizes the prior research on the topicWhat is known about the topic? What have other studies concluded?This is the “term paper” part of your exam. Write (2-3 pages) about other studies encompassing your topic. Use at least 3 separate sources hereData Collection Methods — Explains how observations will be collectedThis section explains what kind of survey structure you will use. How will this information be obtained, exactly? (1/2 page)Analysis — Specifies how the observations will be analyzed What did you learn? What information did you get? This page is made up.References — List of materials consulted and cited in the proposalThis section MUST include an APA compliant reference page including no less than 5 sources.