2-3 pages (approximately 400-600 words) that argues a clear “side” of one of the topics below. Use at least one outside source in support of your argument. If you have an idea for a topic not listed, please email me to confirm the topic. Topics you can choose: –Should parents be allowed to genetically modify their unborn children? –Should vaccinations be required of children to attend public schools? –Should humans continue to grow genetically modified foods for consumption? –Should social media companies be allowed to collect and sell data from users?–Has the internet had a positive or negative impact on human society? –Should gender be a consideration in competitive sports? –Is it fair for college athletes to be paid for their performance and use of their name for profit? –Should religious clubs be allowed in public schools?–Should it be legal to have a medically-induced death by individual choice? –Should any mention of God be removed from Federal Government Documents? –Should prisoners be allowed to vote? –Is it ethical to perform experiments on animals? –Should all drugs be legal? –Should sex education be taught in public schools? –Should we have standardized testing in public schools? –Should “junk” food be removed from public schools? –Should men received paternity leave from work? –Should prostitution be legal? –Should the death penalty exist? –Is the internet making us less intelligent? –Should the United States have an official language?