Children’s Bookreading AssignmentSelect a commercially available children’s storybook that can be used in early childhood to foster a domain of development(physical, cognitive, language, and social-emotional) or specific concept you would want to teach. Submit a written report (1-2 pages double spaced).Follow this procedure:1.Select a goal of concept you would like to promote for children aged 2-5 years: what understanding would you like to help the children in your class develop (anti-bias/kindness/acceptance/diversity, emotion regulation, theory of mind, peer interaction, cognitive concept like transformation)?2.Find a children’s picture book (you can use internet, YouTube has many recorded children’s books) that has theme/content that would teach children this concept.In your report you must describe:1.Your instructional goal. Be very specific about your aims. Please include based on what we have learned in class what aspect of child development or concept you are targeting.2. The book you selected and a brief overview/synopsis.(include link in written report)3.What do you think makes this book good for the age range (# words, pictures on page, and how you think it might be appropriate for teaching your selected concept based on where you expect this agegroup to be in terms of development)?4. What are some of the aspects of the book content that you would highlight for/discuss with children to reinforce what you are trying to teach?