Research Memo (graded as content and participation)
Selected this week to submit a one single-spaced page memo by start of class Wednesday, Oct 21, as graded content. The author should also suggest a question and lead its discussion on-line and in class as graded participation. Other students may submit an additional memo in the Optional Assignments for extra credit.
The memo should summarize research from literature, Web sites, interviews, and videos, etc, from at least one source from OUTSIDE the course that provided a majority of the cotent relevant to this week’s topics. You should attach the one page memo in a Word or pdf file to the posting and cite all sources used correctly. Attaching a copy of the resource used is optional, but the source must be identified.
Writing an effective memo is a useful skill. There are important files for this assignment in the ‘Reference Materials’ Resources folder in Course Home that shows the memo format, gives research suggestions and contact information for the GGU librarians, a list of OPSCM resources for the content source, and details proper documentation of resources used.