PLEASE EDIT In the historical fiction novel Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor shows that family and community are essential in facing adversity. In the beginning of the story Cassie, Stacey, Little Man and Christopher John got in trouble because they were at the Wallace Store, Mrs. Logan took them to visit the Berrys. Mr. Berry had been burned in the fire that killed his brother. The Logans brought them food, such as “…cans of milk…butter, a jar of beef and a jar of crowder peas…”(97). The Logans are bringing the Berry family food as a sign of compassion and sorrow for what happened to them. These actions show Mrs. Berry that even when her husband is gone, she won′t be alone because her community cares. Now, Mama is trying to get the entire black community to stop buying their groceries at the Wallace Store. In order to get the people to shop in Vicksburg, they need to have a way to get credit. Instead of the Logans using their land to back the credit, Mr. Jamison s