Maria is 43 years old and is a refugee from Cuba. She just came to the United States with her daughter, Isabel, who is 23-years old, and her father, Carlos, who is 72-years old. This assignment requires you to choose one of the family members from the scenario provided. You will primarily focus on Maria’s development in each part of your advancing development papers. But you will compare her stages of development to that of her other family members. Review Assignment Instructions and Assignment Requirements and ask clarifying questions of your instructor before attempting this assignment.

Note: This scenario is brief to allow you to make research-supported assumptions about the selected person’s development and potential problems that the individual might face.

Review the Advancing Development Paper Instructions [DOWNLOAD] for more details.

Assignment Requirements
There are two parts to this assignment, each with a separate deadline, which you can find in the Assignment List on the Course Home page.

Part 1: Case Study Analysis: Selected Developmental Stage