CASE STUDY: RESOLUTION OF CONFLICT BETWEEN FACULTY ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSThe assignment is to be completed from the perspective of the administrator of a suburban private school in an upper-middle class area. Read the scenario carefully and generate a plan of action that should lead to resolution of the conflict between the two teachers. The plan should be both descriptive and prescriptive. It should also include a timeline and logistical plans for implementation of your revised curriculum. Your case study should be 2–3 pages. At least 2 references should be included in APA format. Scenario:Mrs. Vet’s position: Mrs. Vet is a veteran teacher of 16 years in this suburban school that serves a population of professional workers in technology, chemical engineering, and education. She has implemented a highly structured textbook series for most of her career. She has implemented the text plan using the company-written worksheets, quizzes, and tests. She follows the prescribed lesson plans, adheres to the recommended timing of the lessons, and implements the systematic, timed, drill and practice activities. The achievement profile for the past five years depicts a class performance average in the 76th percentile. Mrs. New’s position: Mrs. New is a new-to-the-school teacher with three years of experience in an at-risk school in an inner-city environment. During her tenure at the other school, Mrs. New’s teaching team worked with very low socio-economic groups who were poorly motivated, and ill-equipped for learning. She presented a test score profile from her previous position that indicates a class performance average in the 73rd percentile. While in the previous position, she led a grade-level team in building curriculum that met the needs of the students in that school. Mrs. New is completing her first year of teaching at this suburban school after moving to the area because of her husband’s position. Conflict: When asked to develop plans for the next school year, Mrs. Vet has recommended no significant changes in the status quo. Mrs. New has recommended that the teachers work together over the summer to align the curriculum with the assessment measures, to establish an accounting for state public school standards, to update the content presented, and to align the skills and content with student needs and interests. Mrs. Vet’s argument is that there is no need to change a program that is obviously working. She holds the position that Mrs. New has not been in the school long enough to know the program and will gain increased comfort with the structured program as she continues to follow it. Mrs. New’s argument is that the demographics of the population indicate that the achievement of the students in this school should be in the 90 percentile or above. She says that following the scripted text prevents her from teaching to meet the needs of individual students. She states that students are bored and unchallenged by the material. Your task is: (1) to resolve the conflict and (2) to decide on the approach to be used in curriculum planning and implementation.