Assignment 3.1: Local Business Owner Interview Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are dedicated processes in which everyone must understand the execution, the strategy, and the reasons why a merger or acquisition should or should not take place. Research the process of M&A and identify a general strategy that would apply to any business considering a merger or an acquisition. Deliverables A 400 word paper related to M&A and the steps that a business might take to implement a merger or acquisition. Include at least 3 resources to support your ideas and a case study of a company you have found that conducted a merger or an acquisition. Activity Details Perform the following steps: Step 1: Identify a local business. Identify a local business that has recently been purchased. Step 2: Conduct an interview.  Reflecting on this topic’s material you have found. Gather data based on the questions below: What is critical when considering a merger? What are the key factors during the acquisition that should be reviewed and examined? When is a merger not an acquisition? What type of acquisition was this?