01 Demolition:
 Removal of existing brick facade (sf)
 Removal of existing continuous steel shelf angle & associated ACM mastic. Average ten (10) bays
per elevation (lf)
For removals exclude the theater, stage technology, & lobby low building extensions.
02 Site preparation:
 New perimeter protection wall partitions. Average 10’-0” high per floor /10 floors (sf)
 New 12’-00” wide pedestrian sidewalk-bridge. Exclude South elevation (lf)
 Temporary scaffold required for brick removal (sf)
 Additional cantilevered beam scaffold required only for South elevation brick removal (lf)
 Ten (10) New mast-climbers required for new curtain wall panel installation /three for North & South
elevation and two for East & West elevations (ea)
 New spray-on waterproofing (sf)
03 New Curtain Wall:
 New curtain wall /cw panels (sf)
 New continuous galvanized steel angle at the bottom of new curtain wall (lf)
 New metal clip angles & supports for cw. Rows @ 10’-00”oc & Column @ 6’-00” oc (ea)
04 New Granite Stone Cladding:
 New 24” x 48” 2”-thick granite stone cladding (sf)
 New 4”-wide metal studs at 12” oc required for granite cladding (lf)
05 New Terracotta Cladding over existing brick:
 New 12” x 24” terracotta cladding (sf)
 New 2”-wide metal furring channels at 12” oc required for terracotta cladding (lf)
06 Paint existing brick:
 Paint existing brick.(sf)
General Conditions: 10% General Conditions include general liability insurance, supervision, misc.
equipment, temporary utilities, temporary facilities, dumpsters.
Contractor’s Overhead & Profit: 15% Overhead and Profit
Performance Bond: 5% Performance bond