RELG 2120: Research PaperWrite a 7-10 page paper in which you pursue whatever topic relating to Western religions interests you. The topic is entirely open, but if you are at a loss for ideas, here are some possible topics: Focus on a particular Jewish, Christian, or Muslim ritual, holiday, or practice. In your essay, you can include a detailed desсrіption of the ritual, holiday or practice, a discussion of its origins and its evolution over time, and a discussion of variations that exist in different communities historically and/or today in the way it is observed.Focus on a Native American or African religion or religious practice, or on any religion, religious practice or holiday that combines elements of Western religions and elements of Native American and/or African religions, such as Santeria or Voodoo (see Ludwig, 34-67 for ideas). Focus on a person or event having great impact on or significance for a particular Western religion.