Odour of Chrysanthemums’ by D. H. Lawrence,In pairs, please do a short critical analysis (8-10 minutes) of one of the following texts, commenting on its form, context, voice and tone,In this exercise, it is important that you engage critically with your chosen text. When formulating your critical response, please remember our class discussions: for example, considering the text as an artefact; reflecting on the ways in which meaning and affect are produced in the text; and considering the contextual assumptions that frame the text and your own response to it. General guidelines ?,? Please make sure that you construct an argument about the text (although do remember that there is no checklist of features you need to comment on). ?,? You are expected to go beyond the close reading’ practices we conventionally expect of students. Engage in a more critical reflection on the text and its contexts. ?,? Please read independently around your chosen work in terms of content, context and form. ?,? You may choose a particular area of focus to locate your discussion. ?,? This assignment has to be a cohesive piece. You will be marked on the relevance of the selected critical perspective/s, strength of arguments presented, your ability to be concise, and organization. ?,?