Conflict Management Reflection & PresentationSPECS:• Video presentation with Powerpoint (picture-in-picture) that is 8-10 minutes long, or similar program such as Prezi Video. It must be a CONTINUOUS speech so whichever tool you use, make sure you are able to give a speech that does not allow you to stop andstart. See the instructions for Screencast-o-matic and One Drive as one way you can complete this presentation.• Brief outline of your presentation (this should be prepared first and proper format to help you organize and time your speech – practice for time and fluency before recording!!)• At least 3 sources outside your textbook• Turn in a link to your video (do not upload a video) and outline with references in APA format. This can be a One Drive or similar shareable link.Step 1: Select a movie with a conflict that resonates with youbecause of a conflict you’ve experienced. You will do a mini analysis of the conflict based on concepts from the text of your choosing (i.e. show that you have read the text.)Step 2: Relate the conflict to your own life. Reflect upon how you deal with conflict and consider a conflict you have been inwith someone –how does it compare with the conflict from thefilm? What have you learned about how you tend to manageconflict and what you would like to do in the future?