Record the following transactions of South Carleton Cement Company (SCCC) that occurred during 2021: May 31SCCC’s only employee earned gross pay of $4,800. The pay cheque will be written today. SCCC must withhold 10% of gross pay for income taxes. They must also deduct 5.1% of gross pay for Canada Pension Plan, and 1.62% of gross pay for EI premiums. You should record two entries; one to record the payroll, and a second entry to record SCCC’s share of CPP contributions and EI premiums. June 30Borrowed money by issuing a $80,000, 7.5%, 10-year bond. Interest is paid semi-annually on June 30 and December 31. The market interest rate when the bond was issued was 8%. The issue price of the bond was $77,282. Record the issue of the bond. Sept 1Received cash upon signing a 1-year 9% note payable, $50,000 Dec 31Accrued interest on the note payable signed in September Dec 31Based on past experience, SCCC estimates warranty costs will be 2% of annual sales. Annual sales for 2021 were $2,500,000 Dec 31Made the first bond interest payment. SCCC uses the effective interest method to amortize the bond discount/premium