interact with a piece of literary criticism of Junot Diaz’s Drown. This assignment will have four steps.

You will read one of two pieces of literary criticism on Drown. The articles each focus on a different aspect of the book. We will read and discuss the articles when we meet on October 6.
Once you choose your article, pick two quotations to discuss in your essay. The two you pick should be ones you have a reaction to, ones that make you think, or that challenge you to look at the book in a new way. You’ll have to explain what you believe the author of the article is saying in this part of his argument and what you think about that point.
When you have completed discussing the quotations from the article, you will have to select two quotations from Drown that you believe relate to these ideas. Make your own argument about what is going on in those quotations and how they relate quotations you chose from the article. The quotations you choose from Drown cannot be ones already discussed in the article.