BP (British Petroleum) faced in 2010 a deep crisis as result of an accident -the worst environmental disaster in the United Stated up to date- in one of the prospection owned by the company. 11 people died, the equivalent to 4.9 million barrels were discharged in the Gulf of Mexico with devastating consequence to the marine life and $42.2 billion were claimed up to 2013 as civil liabilities. Read the article “Blame BP for Deepwater Horizon. But Direct Your Outrage to the Actual Mistake?” (https://slate.com/technology/2016/09/bp-is-to-blame-for-deepwater-horizon-but-its-mistake-was-actually-years-of-small-mistakes.html) and answer the following questions: Do you think that BP could have managed the crisis more effectively? Why or why not? Could the reputational damage suffered by the company been avoided by a better/more adequate response? Do you recall when the crisis was happening? What do you recall hearing about it from the media? Was the company doing enough to respond to the public at the time the crisis was happening? In the discussion forum, you are expected to participate often and engage in deep levels of discourse. Please post your initial response as early as possible and continue to participate throughout the unit. You are required to post an initial response to the question/issue presented in the Forum and then respond to at least 3 of your classmates’ initial posts. You should also respond to anyone who has responded to you. Meigs, J. (2016). Blame BP for Deepwater Horizon. But Direct Your Outrage to the Actual Mistake. Slate. Retrieved from https://slate.com/technology/2016/09/bp-is-to-blame-for-deepwater-horizon-but-its-mistake-was-actually-years-of-small-mistakes.html