MBTI: Mine-ISJT Girlfriend-ISFP Learning Theory is based on the assumption that behavior and habitual responses can change. Clinical counseling is often based on this assumption as well as therapists guide clients through cognitive and learning processes in attempt to incite change in behavior. This information is good news for conflict with family members or close friends! With work and perseverance, we can improve our relationships with others by learning to communicate in a healthy way that is understood by both individuals. When we are able to learn to work together in complementing personality types at home, we can then apply the same principles within other relationships at church, work or school. Your application assignment for this week will use the foundational elements of Learning Theory as applied to your own interactions with family and/or close friends. Choose one family member or close friend who would be willing to take the online MBTI that you completed back in Week One. The inventory can be found here: http://psychcentral.com/quizzes/personality/start.php (Links to an external site.) Compare the MBTI results of the chosen family member or close friend to your own MBTI results. Note both the similarities and differences in the results. Spend some time researching what the similarities and differences mean in your relationship. Your reading assignment for this module from your textbook, Godly Personalities is a good place to start! Once you have gathered the information pertaining to how your personality affects your interaction with your family member or close friend, compose your written assignment by discussing any areas of strength and vulnerability. You will want to include information as to how the MBTI results indicate personality traits that allow the relationship to function well as well as any personality traits that are a vulnerability to the relationship and may cause conflict or disagreement. In the final section of your assignment, discuss a plan for improving on the vulnerabilities in the relationship to decrease conflict and improve effective communication