Essay 4 Prompt–Start Planning Ahead To-Do Date: Dec 13 at 11:59pm English 1A Essay #4 Gladwell’s Outliers ( (Links to an external site.)Click here for video explanation of this assignment– (Links to an external site.)keep in mind this was from last semester so the due dates on the video prompt are not correct) (Links to an external site.) Choose an individual who has achieved mastery in a particular field. Discuss whether you think his/her success had to do with the social and external factors (“nurture”) that Gladwell discusses in his book Outliers or whether this person’s success was due to the more conventional notion of individual talent that is inherent in an individual (“nature”). In your essay, you should discuss whether he/she experienced any of the phenomenon Gladwell talks about: The Matthew Effect 10,00 hours of work in order to become proficient Advantageous era of birth Born in a demographic trough Exposure to meaningful work The ability to express to someone what one wants (the presumption of being heard) Cultural practices which encouraged success. Your thesis should be a statement that clearly mentions whether the person’s success was due to external factors or was inherent and which of Gladwell’s categories apply to this person (or you may suggest your own reasons). At least half, if not more, of the total paper should be dedicated to discussing your application of Gladwell’s ideas to a real person. Use at least three outside source BESIDES Gladwell’s text. 4+ pages & MLA format required Final draft must be submitted by: Sunday, December 13th. It is highly encouraged you utilize Smart Thinking and you visit the Student Success & Tutorial Center to work with a tutor. I am also more than happy to review your essay with you during Zoom office hours. Suggested format: Intro: Introduce your successful person in an interesting way. In your thesis, state whether you think his/her success was due to external factors or whether it was due to individual talent that was inherent. Background information: Provide background material for who this successful person is and why he/she is considered successful. Support paragraphs: Support your position on why this person was successful with examples from any of the following reasons Gladwell suggests (the Matthew Effect, 10,000 hours of work, advantageous era of birth, born in a demographic trough, exposure to meaningful work, the ability to express to someone what one wants, cultural practices which encourage success). Or, some other reason that Gladwell did not cover or a reason which contradicts Gladwell’s assertions. Conclusion (“So What/Who Cares”): From the discussion of your successful person’s life, what kind of suggestions for institutional reform might you suggest and why.