Imagine that Lynette follows up with you in an e-mail shortly after reading your views on leadership and collaboration. Hi, Thanks for sending me your thoughts on the diversity issue at the Lakeland Clinic. The next step is for you to select a team of professionals who can help you in this project and prepare an introduction of the project for a first meeting with them. I want you to prepare a paper to serve as a brief, but substantive introduction for the first meeting with a group of four members who will participate on the committee tasked with addressing the diversity issue. The paper should be approximately 5 minutes so I can understand your approach. Not a lot of time or space, so keep things pretty high level. Do the following: Explain the composition of your ideal team and why you chose them. (Provide brief description of the type of professionals you believe can help define the problem and ultimately make recommendations on how to address it. You will want the group to be diverse and with each member being able to provide a unique perspective. Describe how the group will communicate. Include how and when they will meet. Describe roles, group function, and structure.