What Australasian Triage Scale (ATS) you would assign to the patient. Provide a rationale for your score What do you think is wrong with the patient, provide a rationale for your answer What fundamental nursing care you would provide this patient in the ED? Provide a rationale for each Critically evaluate the medications prescribed for the patient by considering what has been prescribed, and why, and if these medications are appropriate for this patient Case study Jesmine Kumar is an 89-year-old lady brought in by ambulance from a nursing home. She has had urinary frequency associated with burning pain for 2/7. The nursing home staff report this morning Jesmine was confused and febrile with a temp of 38.9. Jesmine is normally doubly incontinent and staff manage this with incontinence aids and regular toileting. Jesmine’s medical hx: DM II, HT, COPD, GORD, AF. She is normally alert and oriented but has been more forgetful recently. No formal diagnosis of dementia or memory impairment has been made. Jesmine has a supportive family who visits her every Sunday and Wednesday. When you assess the patient, you notice Jesmine is alert but confused unsure of where she is or the day/month/year. Jesmine is following commands and is happy to have her blood pressure and vitals assessed. You obtain the following vitals: RR 20, Spo2 97% RA, BP 145/60, HR 110bpm irregular, temp 38.5, pain score 0. On inspection you notice the patient is not short of breath and there is no evidence of increased WOB. The patient is pale but warm to touch and you notice her skin is very frail. Medications charted in the Emergency Department Allergies: Penicillin Medications charted in the Emergency Department Allergies: Penicillin Medication Dose Route Frequency Benzylpenicillin 1.2g IV BD Pantoprazole 40mg PO BD Metformin 500mg PO BD Xarelto 20mg PO BD