Assessment 2: PROLIFERATION IN WOUND HEALING ePoster and Reflection. Component of assessment scheme this task constitutes 40% of the total course grade The assignment asks you to complete a PowerPoint template in two sections. PowerPoint Section A: ePoster Create an online ePoster about Proliferation in Wound Healing. The ePoster is an explanation, with images, of a process within a body system. There is an ePoster template with formatting details provided (see attachment below), however, you can create your own template if the size of the slide remains the same. While there is no word count for the ePoster, information should be presented succinctly (e.g. in dot-points), and concise delivery of information will be assessed through the rubric. The introduction of the ePoster should set the scope of the ePoster. For example, if the ePoster does not explain the process in its entirety, but instead explains a smaller step in the process, this scope should be explained in the introduction. The introduction should also explain the significance of the chosen process to the function of the human body. While the ePoster process should use dot-points, the introduction may be written as a paragraph if required. When you are ready to start, begin researching information on the process you have chosen using relevant academic sources and peer-reviewed journal articles. Remember to note where you have found resources so that you will be able to reference them appropriately, using the numbered citation style, and the UniSA Harvard Reference style for the list. PowerPoint Section B: Reflection Section B asks you to respond to a reflective question, which ask you to reflect on the process of creating the ePoster, and the knowledge and skills you have gained during this process. The target audience for your ePoster should be your Human Biology 1 peers. The reflection section can be personal, and is not targeted to your peers. To complete this task, you must respond to the following questions: How has the research process assisted you in expanding and improving your skills to find credible information? Your answer may include information and examples in how you went about finding information and how you decided what resources and references to include or not What skills and areas of knowledge you have gained in this course and how could they be applied to your current or intended work context? e.g. reading academic texts, time-management for assignments, researching, making ePosters You must write no more than 300 words for the reflection. You may complete this task as you are working on your ePoster, or after you have completed it.