-Prado-Vilar, Francisco. “Circular Visions of Fertility and Punishment: Caliphal Ivory Caskets from al-Andalus.” Muqarnas 13 (1997): 19-41. (Which journal is the article from?)

– Create a meaningful title.
– Write a 300-word (minimum) post in first person addressing your struggle with the reading materials. This should only be on the content and not about how the author writes (I don’t want to see things like there were no pictures or the reading was too dense or I had to read it seven times, etc.). This is college and the readings are meant to be challenging.

-Write about what you don’t understand, or what you half-understand, or how the material connects to the previous week, or what about the material fascinates you and why. Do write in proper English; however, do not write anything that resembles formal writing (ex. you don’t need an introduction, conclusion, etc.)