2. Policy Identification Brief
Each student will identify one particular policy at the federal, state, or local level that is of interest to them that will serve as their “unit of analysis” for the remainder of the semester. The policy should fall under the general umbrella of the social policy area. By October 1st, 11:59PM, students will submit a “policy identification brief” related to their selected policy. The policy identification brief should clearly outline a particular public policy, including:
(a) the public problem that the specific policy is intended to address (including a brief description of the target population and the geographic scope),
(b) an identification of the policy type and policy tools in use to govern the implementation of the particular policy; and
(c) a brief description of the development of the policy (e.g., where and how it originated), as well as current challenges or proposed changes. In your description, include an application of one (or more) policy framework (s) that can help make sense of how the policy developed and has been implemented over time.