Topic 3 Philosophy and religion In his work, Miracles, C.S. Lewis argues for the rationality of belief in some miracles. After reading this work, write an essay consisting of two main parts. The first part (between 500 and 750 words) should be devoted to answering these questions: what is the difference between Lewis Supernaturalist view and the Naturalist view? Why does he think the Supernaturalist position is better? And how does he use the distinction between these two views to defend the possibility and probability of some miracles? The second part of the essay (between 750 to 1000 words) should be devoted to either defending or arguing against Lewis position. In order to be considered acceptable, your essay must incorporate at least two (ideally three to four) other academic sources in addition to the Miracles. Non-academic blogs and websites must not be used and your paper must not be constructed from other persons summaries of Lewis book.
Lewis work can be found here: