Pandemic Research Project – Government response to Coronavirus in Florida schools1. Annotated Bibliography (approximately 1200 total words).Research the issue and assemble your six best sources in an Annotated Bibliography. An annotated bibliography is a list of sources with information that describes and evaluates each source. It is a research tool to assist you in summarizing and reviewing your sources. This will involve an APA citation and followed by a descriptive summary and evaluation of each of source. For this particular option, you will need six annotations, please include two sources from each of the categories listed below. You may use the links provided or explore the government websites news further. You may also use the news coming from other states to research how different states are addressing this issue.a.State & Local Government –For these two citations you want to identify the role and action of the State & Local government. You may use the cites below and/or news articles discussing what is being done in Florida or one of the other 49 states. (New York, California, etc.)Florida Department of Health. Office of the Governor – Ron DeSantis County Government. or States –For these two citations you may use the sites below or the news regarding federal action. This may include news articles related to the President, Congress or federal agencies, such as the CDC (Center of Disease Control) or the NIH (National Institute of Health).Center for Disease Control and Prevention – Corona Virus Disease 2019 Institute of Health – Please select two annotations from relevant articles in major national or regional news outlets that address how this effects individuals and what individuals can do. The Lib Page link will provide you with updated articles from a number of mainstream news sources: your Annotated Bibliography by category(State, National, Individuals). Each annotation begins with a proper APA citation. The citation is followed by a paragraph which provides a descriptive summary and analysis. Each annotation (citation and summary) stands on its own. For a brief tutorial on the formatting please follow the link below to the University of Maryland’s resource center:How to Write an Annotated Bibliography (tutorial) – 20 points – Summarize your research and discuss the current situation, in terms of the needs of the citizens, the roles and responsibilities of the state and national government as well as media and the people.