BSBINM501 Manage an information or knowledge management system – project
Part 1
Your organisation has recently introduced a new system. You have been asked to oversee the training of users, ensuring the system has been used properly and to review the system once it has been operating for some time. Outline how you would do this.
You should discuss how:
you will organise learning to use the system taking into account such things as types of learning activities, the resources that would be needed and evaluating learning
you will manage the use of the system taking into account such things as policies and procedures, problems and contingencies
the system is affected by/ needs to comply with relevant legislation, codes of practice and national standards relevant to privacy, freedom of information and knowledge management
you will review the use of the system taking into account its relationship to achieving organisational goals
you will make recommendations for the improvement of the system
You should complete this project with close reference to the information included in this unit but you will also need to demonstrate that you have conducted your own research. Remember to properly cite any references used.
Part 2
Outline in a separate report how an organisation can facilitate the good performance of an information system by introducing elements of a knowledge management system; and how the two can operate in support of each other.