This report is related to the problems that arise in this company. Before that, the business we run is the production of badminton equipment such as rackets, shuttlecocks and more. The problem that arises is lack of sophisticated equipment and machinery in the factory. Existing tools and machines are outdated. So, this report focuses on how we overcome this problem from getting worse. This report provided is to identify this problem in more depth and describe the solutions that can be highlighted to solve this problem. One of the main objectives of preparing this report is to obtain financial assistance from COBRA SPORTS SDN BHD and will automatically launch the process and activities in this company. This report is also included with the company background, chart of sales, management team, scope of problems, methods or sources used, statement of problems, statements of solutions selected and so on. So, hopefully this study case can give a clear and detailed picture and explanation regarding this problem.Basically, this proposal is provided to state about the problems that occur in our company. The purpose or objective of this proposal provided is to obtain financial assistance from COBRA SPORTS SDN BHD to overcome the financial problems that our company faces. So, our hope is that the financial manager of Cobra Sports Sdn Bhd can consider this proposal so that financial assistance can be given to our company. In addition, this report is provided to describe the solution we are considering in an effort to eliminate this problem. So, we hope that with the preparation of this report, the problems that our company faces can be solved quickly and effectively without costing much. By preparing this report, we aim to achieve the target in our business which is to solve this problem immediately and can also minimize costs.The name of our business entity is Thunderbolt Sports Berhad with a number of employees of 250 workers. The products we produce are in terms of sport equipment of badminton such as rackets, shuttlecocks, grips, strings, energy drinks and other sports facilities. In addition, our business also offers strings assembly and racket grip services. In addition, we also rent 1 badminton hall with 20 badminton courts. A special factory built by us in Kuala Lumpur has facilitated the process of producing rackets and shuttlecocks. However, one of the factors driving the preparation of this report is the lack of sophisticated machines and tools in our factory. The machines and tools we use now are outdated and they have been used since the factory was built in 2009.