Objective: The New Retail Paradigm has disrupted the traditional Brick & Mortar stores. A shift has taken place and the New Retail Paradigm is customer centric. Stores need to develop a new approach by providing unique customer experiences that reflect their brands. Technology has impacted the way that customers shop and Retailers need to be agile in their business approach. KEY DELIVERABLE: Retail Store Pitch Deck that reflects the New Retail Paradigm. SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS: Pitch Deck Presentation on The New Retail Paradigm Create a concept store that reflects The New Retail Paradigm or update an existing brand that is struggling. Use the themes you learned in class to support your store concept. Use visual images to support your information like the flow charts created earlier in the semester. Your pitch deck is a power point presentation or you can use Prezi. Include the following information: Name of the store Who is your Customer Tribe? Describe your Customer Tribe. What are your Customer Pain Points? What solutions are you providing to address their pain points? What makes your store unique? What is the differentiating factor in your store? How is your Retail Concept going to bring customers into the store? What is they store layout design? How are you using Visual Merchandising in the store? How are you using Technology in the store? Describe the customers’ experience. What is your Omni Channel Strategy? What is the disruption factor in your store? What Fashion Designers are you carrying in your store? – Name at least 4 Fashion Designers in your store. Show the merchandise on the slide. What is your Merchandising Philosophy? How is your variety of assortment going to be different from another store? Provide References at the end of your presentation for all your research. Please view the following links to help you “design” your pitch decks and to see what pitch decks look like: The 9 Best Start up Pitch Decks – http://onboardly.com/startup-pr/best-startup-pitch-decks-of-all-time/ Article on a Pitch Deck – The Only 10 Slides you need in a pitch – Guy Kawasaki http://guykawasaki.com/the-only-10-slides-you-need-in-your-pitch/