You will use the Google Arts & Culture ( to choose a virtual museum to visit online. You will choose ONE museum. You can click on the Figure Icon to the top right to enter the museum virtually. Once you have browsed works on your virtual tour, you will choose THREE to research within that museum’s collection database.
Format/Style: 7 points
The paper must be typed, double spaced, at least 3-4 pages in length, include a heading with name, date submitted and the course name and number (Art Appreciation/ART 100). Sources must be cited properly if used.

Grammar/Spelling: 7 points
Spelling and sentence structure must be checked and not impede comprehension.

Titles of artworks must be italicized or underlined (not in quotation marks!).


Introduction: 11 points
Include the name of the museum and date of visit.
Identify a commonality or theme between the works (this could be a similar medium, subject matter, art period/movement, color or another formal element, etc.).

THREE WORKS: 90 points (30 points per work-complete these steps for EACH work you include in your paper):
Identify artist, title (in italics!), date of work and medium.
Describe the content and/or subject matter (describe what you see when you look at the work).
( For example: ” Agnolo Bronzino’s Eleanor of Toledo from 1544 is an oil on wood portrait of a mother seated with her young son standing on her right side. The mother is wearing an elaborate dress with black and gold details. The child has blond hair and is wearing a dark blue jacket and is smiling slightly.)
Identify a style or movement the work is associated with; use your Preble’s textbook to place the work in its style category. Explain how it fits into this particular art movement.
( For example: “Eleanor of Toledo was completed during the beginning of the Mannerist art movement, which took place in Italy beginning in the 1520s. This painting is characteristically Mannerist because the figures in the painting have exaggerated and elongated proportions-especially fingers-and are painted with rich colors used to imply texture.”)
Identify 2-3 formal elements (define each formal element using your textbook; identify each formal element in the artwork).
( For example: “The dress depicted in Bronzino’s Eleanor of Toledo demonstrates the artist’s use of texture. The texture is the perceived surface quality of an object. In the painting, the fabric of the mother’s dress appears to be silk with velvet details and shiny pearl and gold beads…”)

Conclusion: 15 points
Give your personal reaction to the three works you chose (what you liked/did not like).
Describe how this assignment expanded your appreciation of art.

All components of your response will remain the same, at the end of your paper you will provide images of the three art works you selected and cite them.